Words inspire decisions.

When people are deciding what to buy and who to connect with, they look for clues in words: webpages, blogs, emails, white papers, ads, speeches and other messages that represent you at the exact moment they need to know.

In this word-heavy world, your messages must be well-targeted, helpful and memorable — even a little quirky — to delight and inspire readers. At the same time, your messages must remain true to your purpose, support proven communications methods, and maximize SEO.

I am a senior writer who specializes in helping companies and individuals reach ideal audiences through words. I wield appropriate quirkiness on your behalf while crafting messages that are marketing-smart, business savvy and crystal clear.

Give me a call and let me help you find your uniqueness. Together, we’ll create the clues your readers need to help them see the value of your enterprise and take the next step in your direction.


Travel writing: Join my adventures as a solo woman traveler and on-the-road business writer! Look for kindrafoster on Instagram, visit, or “like” Foster Executive Writing & Editing on Facebook.



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