Excellent writing supercharges your goals.
Average writing abandons your goals.
Bad writing demolishes your goals.

Creating clear, accessible, motivating messages that work right for the right audience is a subtle art. Why does it matter? If your messages fall flat or damage your image, your goals could become unreachable. Your message supports everything. Without a message that successfully communicates to your audience, they won’t buy your product, support your cause, or carry out your instructions.

If you write it wrong, it could cost you in lost customers, misunderstood instructions or a ruined image.

Get the writing right.

Foster Executive Writing & Editing is dedicated to helping you get the writing right. In addition to writing from scratch, we can edit your first draft, which costs less. We have extensive experience in a broad array of mediums and industries: manufacturing, insurance, financial planning, medicine, franchising, fast food, education, arts and crafts, retail, construction, architecture, fine arts, recreation and more.

The company was founded by Kindra Foster, a career business writer with more than two decades of experience as a marketing, technical and executive writer, as well as a writing trainer. Read more about Kindra and Foster Executive Writing & Editing, then call for a free estimate. It’s the first step toward messages that really make a difference for you and your business.

More About Kindra Foster

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