Instant senior writer on your team

  • Highly adaptive substitute senior writer for short-handed marketing departments
  • Intuitive communications expert to translate top management ideas into impactful speeches
  • Marketing-trained, experienced writer to bring small business marketing projects to life
  • Meticulous editor to give accuracy, clarity and style to book manuscripts

Good writing can mean the difference between inspiring and confusing any audience. I’m a senior writer and editor who’s worked many years with a broad array of customers, from major corporations and agencies to independent contractors. I’ve gained the valuable skill of quickly absorbing information and turning it into effective messages using marketing best practices and the psychology of authentic communication.

Simply send me background materials or let me interview you, and I’ll produce a first draft to get us started. If you write a rough draft, I can provide cost-effective editing.

A few industries I’ve served: manufacturing, insurance, finance, medicine, franchising, fast food, education, arts and crafts, retail, construction, architecture, fine arts, tourism.

Read more on these pages, then ask me for a free estimate.
It’s the first step toward messages that make your goals reachable.

More About Kindra Foster

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