A positive view of your work as a marketing writer begins with a managed view of yourself.

Start with your own opinion of yourself and build a ball of positive energy surrounding your marketing writing work. (Photo by Nina Matthews Photography)

I’ll just say this right now: if you want to be successful as a corporate marketing or communications writer, you need to also become a marketer of yourself and your own writing.

I’m not talking about marketing the products your company sells or identity/corporate/brand marketing of the company you work for. I’m talking about marketing the writing you do personally for your company–your image as a professional marketing writer.

You need to market your writing skills as if you were a job applicant, even though you already have the job. Who are your target audiences? Your boss, your boss’ bosses, internal clients in other departments, and your co-workers. And sometimes awards committees. Read more…

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graceful degradation used to refer to the need to accommodate older browsers.

To meet the needs of graceful degradation, copywriters need to shrinking versions of copy to fit ever-smaller devices viewing the same website.

First, I have to admit I don’t know everything about this yet. But to me, it seems as though it’s a revolutionary change in the way website copy needs to be written. Graceful degradation refers to the need for the size of text to degrade to the size of ever-smaller devices. Does it mean we copywriters will have to write three versions of every page? Read more…

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procrastination is a common problem for writers

Procrastination makes you feel like you’re standing still and the world is passing you by.

Every writer has experienced procrastination. I’ve also seen many clients drag their feet when it comes to establishing a business or marketing plan and following through. Why do we do this?

Sometimes we even procrastinate when it is likely to cause us harm. We are like moths flying to the flame. But I know how to overcome it–especially if you are a writer.

Read more…

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Do you really need all those followers?

Your marketing audiences will naturally be limited by time, space and money. That can be a good thing!

A colleague and I were co-agonizing over the fact that social media has expanded the field of responsibility for business owners so much that it’s overwhelming. These days, you aren’t just expected to stay top-of-mind with local networkees—you are also supposed to figure out how to reach and stay connected with all possible followers in the WORLD! How is it possible? What if we can’t do it?

I admire bloggers who have thousands of followers and large companies who cultivate and nurture thousands of subscribers. But what if your company isn’t a behemoth with unlimited resources? What if you don’t have the time to blog every day because you are busy doing what you do best to serve your customers? Past a certain point, are the resources of the marketing department really best served by increasing followers? Read more…

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Editorial calendars have been around as long as I can remember. As a copywriter, I love them! They give me insight into the customer, so I can produce pieces that truly work. They show me exactly what I am responsible for producing and put the entire team on the same page, so we don’t waste precious time reorienting ourselves in a topic discussion every time we need marketing material.

Don't think a content marketing plan is frivolous or a waste of time. It can substantially increase marketing and sales results.

Just do it! A content marketing plan managed by marketing and sales strategists is critical if you want results.

Today’s ravenous digital content demands require a souped-up editorial calendar. We call it the content marketing plan. This plan is heftier than our old editorial plans and more important to the success of marketing.

But it doesn’t always get done. And that’s a problem, especially for copywriters and designers who can’t do their jobs correctly without it.

So, let me get on my soapbox for a minute… Read more…

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There are a lot of things about being a copywriter that get on my nerves. The business is always changing, for example. When folks got serious about marketing on the Web, we copywriters had to begin thinking in terms of smaller bits of copy and headlines with numbers in them, whether we thought it was the best way to reach an audience or not. Sigh. In our age-old struggle with designers for equal territory on the page, we had to concede to briefer copy, because people browsing online are more likely to scan than read.

Since the advent of the Web, somebody has kept moving our copywriter cheese (do you know about that book from the 80s?).

The latest change for copywriters is the need to transform from craftspeople into combined craftspeople and content strategists. It’s not enough anymore for someone from marketing to tell us what objectives to meet. We have to engage our brains, analyze the audience, pay attention to what other writers are doing successfully, and recommend a “plan.” Used to be, the only plan we had to create ourselves was an editorial calendar based on a marketing plan someone else created. Read more…

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It's okay now for copywriters to be themselves in marketing and communications.

I should be ashamed to show my wrinkles, but I’m not. It’s a part of me, and it’s now cool in the marketing world to be oneself, as long as you are still professional.

When I began freelancing full time eleven years ago, it wasn’t cool to be different. I struggled with that, because I tend to be an upstart when it comes to communication.

The quirkiness of my personal brand helped me sometimes, but I made myself create a website and client communications that conformed with what people expected from a professional copywriter. Back then, what they expected was a professional  writer who did not stray into the unknown. They were more comfortable with a conforming brand.

It is still important to give people what they expect, but changes in the marketing world have made quirkiness more acceptable–even desired. Read more…

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Traveling while working requires dependable, tested technology.

Take time to think about and plan for the intangible challenges of working on the road.

Working while traveling can be a challenge mentally, emotionally and logistically. With planning, you shall overcome!

There’s something special about being on the road, whether for business or pleasure. It gives you new ideas, makes you question and update your motivations, adds energy. But there are logistical, mental and emotional challenges involved in working on the road–I know this after traveling for the past three years more than half of each year.

If leaving your town by car, boat, train or plane is part of your work at any level, the things I’ve learned might help you avoid the intangible dangers travel can present to your business. Read more…

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I hate to admit it. My energy level is easily swayed by new stuff. I hope it

New desk, writing business

Funny how a new desk can energize you and get you out of a writing rut. It reminds me  I have other ways to energize my work  every day.

doesn’t mean I’m headed for a shopping addiction. Probably not. It’s human nature, right? A fresh new outfit helps us make a leap of faith in ourselves. We feel more confident and find ourselves smiling.

It’s the same with business. As a business owner, I worry. I fret. I push. I get in a rut. I lose the energy and hopefulness I felt when I first began my writing business. I refuse to believe I can’t resurrect that feeling. Recently, I did in fact do just that–with a new desk. Read more…

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During my trip to Canada, I traveled along the Icefields Parkway, where there exists a thing that stretched several assumptions I had about the world–time, space, function and even enterprise. (By enterprise, I mean the businesses associated with this phenomenal natural feature in the Canadian Rockies). I’m talking about the Athabasca Glacier.



Read more…

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