We craft messages that keep your image safe.

From the beginning of time, people have attempted to communicate with one another. And from the beginning of time, they’ve failed: a husband misunderstands his wife; an employee misunderstands the boss; a speaker misunderstands an audience; a consumer misunderstands a funny advertisement. The consequences can be disastrous: ruined marriages, lost jobs, bad press, and unhappy or confused customers.

Foster Executive Writing & Editing helps you avoid disaster by drafting messages that cut through the clutter and protect your image.

Accurate, effective, timely

At Foster Executive Writing & Editing, we offer many years of experience writing for corporate executives, politicians, marketing departments and others. We craft accurate, effective, timely messages with a unique human element to support your success and help you reach your most important goals. We’ve produced many different types of messages, from executive speeches, political speeches, and websites to case studies, technical manuals, and white papers.

Do you have a specific writing or editing project in mind, or an ongoing need for language services? Foster Writing can help you make sure the messages you select to represent you will help, not hinder, your success.

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