Use the power of words to get things done.

In the business world, powerful words help create intangible assets such as confidence, belief, satisfaction, comfort, and inspiration. Ultimately, words need to inspire action. If the writing’s not powerful, people won’t buy, support a cause, or operate machinery correctly.

At Foster Executive Writing & Editing, before we begin laying words on the page, we work to understand the audience and your goals. Then we begin at the beginning to craft messages tailor-made to you, your product, and the results you hope to create.


We provide writing services for these types of clients:

Speeches, ghostwriting, blogs, high-level correspondence, seminars, books, business plans…more.

Speeches, constituent letters, campaign letters, press materials, high-level correspondence, speech coaching…more.

White papers, case studies, newsletters, sales materials, press material, online promotion, social media posts. Common projects include brochures, websites, blogging, press releases, press kits, catalog copy, sales sheets, and direct mail. We’ve handled the language aspect of nearly any marketing material, with a background in art and concepting that makes working with designers and account executives smoother and more effective.

Product user manuals, assembly instructions, step-by-step how-tos, quality control manuals, controlled documents, product documentation.

Call Foster Writing to tell us about your project and find out what we can offer to help you get the writing right and make your goals a reality.

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