I woke up this morning shaking with anxiety. I would say this is nothing new—I’ve fought anxiety pretty much my whole life—but it IS new since I had a stroke a year and a half ago. After the stroke, I counterintuitively felt MORE at peace. I’m kind of sad the morning shakes have returned. But  [ Read More ]

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I haven’t done much non-client writing since I had my subarachnoid hemorrhagic stroke just over six months ago. I’m not sure why. I think it’s taken me awhile to process it. I’ve heard this happens to people when they have life-threatening experiences. Up to now, I had the impression that death only happened to other  [ Read More ]

Looking for the secret sauce in marketing writing? Check out this brief review of additional questions requested by attendees from Kindra Foster at a recent American Marketing Association longform writing workshop.

Am I the only one who gets grouchy when I have to write a blog for myself? I probably shouldn’t let you see this side of me. But I know I’m not the only one. I spend all of my writing energy staying on good behavior for my clients. I put my all into it for them, pushing my brain to the limit. I put my heart into it! Then, by the time I have a few minutes to write my own blog, I’m spent. This whole voice recognition thing has helped me get over the hump.

Graceful degradation refers to the need for the size of text to degrade to the size of ever-smaller devices. Does it mean we copywriters will have to write three versions of every page?

People now care about authenticity and personality more than ever in the things they read. I think that’s a good thing, not only for marketing, but for our souls — and our collective soul.

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