Learn more about the power of words.

You might ask yourself, “Do we really need professionally written messages to be successful?”

We believe you do, if you want to reach your goals. These articles explain how to successfully wield the power of words, whether we write for you or you write for yourself. Check back often for new lessons.


The 5 Pitfalls of Speeches
Even if you are a veteran speaker, you can make small mistakes that lead to big disasters—especially if the press is present the day of your speech. Learn how to avoid these five pitfalls of speeches, so you don’t create problems for you and your organization without knowing it.

Maximize the Power of your Press Efforts
Press releases serve two purposes when you post them on the Internet. First, they help you get better online traction for search engine results. Second, and maybe in the end most importantly, they do what they’ve always done: catch the eye of editors and journalists who can help you spread the word.

AP Stylebook Ends Language Arguments
The English language is filled with optional usage, and it’s not unusual for writers and editors to argue about correct structure or spelling. In-house marketing writers and others can settle those arguments with help from AP Stylebook, a nearly universally-accepted source for proper language.

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